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Site is partially came back

3/4 of the site is online
It is working:
Email (
This Blog (blog
The main page that redirects to the www version (

It is offline only the www main website that is a lot important ( without that the main domain doesn't work
I am working to keep it back

The DNS will be ready until 72 hours by now

I already fixed the DNS, and now we need to wait for the propagation completion

P.S: For now, SSL is disabled and is not working on any page. I will also fix that


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Not a Goodbye

 Hi, Some days ago i asked on my telegram channel if you prefer to get the latest updates here on this blog or directly on the Telegram and some users have voted and the option of go on Telegram won So, this is not a Goodbye it's just a transfer All the old stuff here will not be deleted, but this will be just archived Remember that this blog will be still used to make major announcement like the launch of new projects For now i leave here my channel: Luca


 Hello, I need your feedback You are invited to reply to my Google Form and suggest me what asked Link Thanks for anyone will give their feedback Have a nice day