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Site is partially came back

3/4 of the site is online
It is working:
Email (
This Blog (blog
The main page that redirects to the www version (

It is offline only the www main website that is a lot important ( without that the main domain doesn't work
I am working to keep it back

The DNS will be ready until 72 hours by now

I already fixed the DNS, and now we need to wait for the propagation completion

P.S: For now, SSL is disabled and is not working on any page. I will also fix that


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 Hello, I need your feedback You are invited to reply to my Google Form and suggest me what asked Link Thanks for anyone will give their feedback Have a nice day

A new community is born

Hi, I have created a new community for talking everyone together about various argument In this community i will be very active and i will speak with you The community is here For now, you can not create a new account why i must wait to carry this community out from the beta stage In future i will remove this limitation and i will post another announcement to inform you See you next Greetings